Who should, and shouldn’t, use Magento

Many people are looking for features. Can this platform or shopping cart perform this feature, that feature, and does it come in black.

While it’s true that Magento does perform nearly all the features people are looking for, it will get you there 95%, and herein lies the kicker. Those remaining meager %5 are where many a company get stuck. Magento is a beautiful platform if used correctly, you will find a lot of negativity on the web. Magento is slow. Magento is hard to develop for. The admin panel is too complex.

Magento within itself is more of a framework then a final product. You will find a lot of web chatter about this language or that, but in the end nearly all of them are used, happily, by many. Magento, unlike solutions such as WordPress and Shopify, does require a developer on-call. If developed and used properly, it is a masterpiece, and with its’ shortcomings, and believe me, there are many. If used poorly, it is harder to deal with then a disgruntled Ex, who just won’t loose your number.

Magento allows for many neat features our of the box that many other carts lack such as Clustering, Distributed Cache, EAV model (A fancy word for saying product attributes, on the fly) and other advanced features.

If you are looking for a platform that will do all you want and then some, but will require some dev TLC, Magento is for you.

If you are looking for flexibility, encapsulation, and many other BUZZZZZ words, Magento is for you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something that will Just Work, well… let the search continue.



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